Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 21-27: 94 miles/week

Great training this week. Hit 94 which is the highest week of 2011 so far. Next week's mileage should be in the 80s, and the following 2 weeks after that in the 70s and 60s. The breakdown of this week:

Monday: am: 12 miles at the line with joe, ryan, sam & outlaw
pm: 7 miles EZ with Mickey

Tuesday: 10 miles

Wednesday: TRACK 4 X 1.5 mile averaged 76s(5:05 pace), 10 miles total

Thursday: am: 5.5 miles EZ
pm: 5 miles EZ

Friday: 8.5 miles EZ w/ Mickey(8mile PR distance for the dog!)

Saturday: LONG RUN 20 miles: 2:09:00, met at Georgetown to run with Joe and some other GRC runners, started out slow but built throughout the run and ran 5:40-5:50 pace for about 6 miles and ran much of the rest of the run at a good clip. Ran much of the faster miles with Joe, Ryan, and Dave and felt pretty smooth but backed off when they wanted to do 5 more at 5:10s....I definitely wasn't up for that and just needed a nice consistent 20 miler. Joe is in fantastic shape and nailed the workout.

Sunday: EZ SLOW run of 15.5 miles-some of the miles I ran with some of my PR distance runners and kept it slow/relaxed the whole way...I just wanted to get in the miles but definitely needed to be EZ,+ CORE WORK/stretching today


Again, the Spring is looking up, but I am still not sure what to do for the fall!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2/23: 4 x 2400!!

Today the Track Workout was prescribed as 4 x 2400(1.5 miles) repeats with one lap walk rest between each. It was tiring, but I ran really well. I was thinking I would be running 5:10 pace, but I AVERAGED 5:05 pace!!! The interval times were all pretty much the same: I ran pretty even with the last 2 laps of each interval a bit a lot of times I was going through the mile in 5:07/5:08 and hitting 2:30 the last 800. I think the last interval I hit 5:10 at the mile so my last 800 was 2:28!


7:39...5:06 pace
7:37...5:05 pace
7:38...5:05 pace
7:38...5:05 pace

6 Miles worth of work. I believe the times equate to a 31:45 10K. It was a terrific endurance/strength workout once I got to intervals 3 and especially 4. I felt like it was a mile and then added on two more laps. Mentally it was a good workout also. I made sure to focus on my form and keep my eyes up. Did the workout in my Saucony Kinvaras...this shoe is just fantastic for my workouts. I love it.

This week is high mileage. Shooting for 95. My workouts are gradually moving up in distance. I think the next workout will be some sort of cruise interval workout like 4x2mile on the towpath. I'd also like to do a hard tempo 10 mile run in prep for the half...perhaps on the treadmill...LOL...ring a bell?

Marine Corps Registration opened today. I have thought about registering...but am holding back so far. I do not know but will be thinking about entering the race. I'm really 50/50 on it. We'll see. The fall again is up in the air right now.

Joe and I are getting psyched for Shamrock. The guy has wheels. Hoping to tear it up there for the both of us.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, 2/20

Today I had a really nice long run of 21 miles. I started at the Capital Crescent 3.5 mile marker and headed south toward DC. I started out very easy(8min pace) for the first 6-7 miles, talking and chatting with some of my runners, but gradually picking up the pace as I got to Georgetown and DC. I turned around about 9 miles in and ran back up the CCT. As I was approaching Fletcher's Boathouse, I saw fellow PR racing team member and friend Dave Miller running the opposite direction on the Canal. I greeted him and turned around to add a few miles with him on the Canal. He was in the middle of a solo 24 mile long run so I'm sure he could use some company. Dave is training for the National Marathon and is looking very fit. We shared a good convo about our training and bid adieu.

I turned around and got back to Fletchers again and began to hammer up the CCT. The CCT climbs uphill ever so gradually and it is a terrific way to train by running the way back up harder. I definitely was hammering. My mile splits were sub 6 going uphill. I felt great though, still in control and ran hard all the way up to the top. Definitely hit a few 5:45s. I ended up running 21 miles total or just under, and I love the way I ran it, starting out slow and just picking up the whole way mile by mile.

Next week will be a high mileage week. Shooting for close to 95. I have an idea of some sort of 1/2 marathon workout this week: perhaps 4 x 2 mile repeats.

my fall racing schedule is still on my mind...still not sure what to do...

all I know is to keep on going

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16: 5 X MILE: GREAT Workout

Fantastic Workout today. Beautiful weather as well. I did 5 x mile on the Richard Montgomery Track with 1 lap walk rest....I guess it was a lot of rest though but I do like to rest for the amount of time the interval takes sometimes....however there are other workouts I will do with less rest and tempos are very good workouts for this. Anyway, I hit all the intervals in the same times which was the goal. It's all about running even.


Average 5:00 pace.

I view this as a really good 10K-13.1M workout. The great thing about this workout was that I didn't feel like it was a 5K workout(because the pace didn't feel as anaerobic as before). A few months ago I did 3xmile at 5:03-5:04 pace but it felt like 5K race pace to me. Now it felt more like 8K-10K race pace.

This is adaptation of the body. My body is learning how to translate 5:00 pace to longer distances.

This will also help my half marathon time. And I intend to do some longer intervals(2mile intervals) in prep for the half. Tempos as well will be necessary. Perhaps I will do a tempo this Saturday. Target Tempo Pace is 5:15-5:20.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weeks 1/30, 2/6, 2/13

Update on the last 3 weeks: just mileage with a little bit of faster running towards many of my runs. 1/30 ended with 75 miles, 2/6 ended with 85 miles, and last week ended with 77 miles(with one day off-stomach bug).

I have done a long run every week so far of the new year, and this is a great improvement in my training. Below is a summary of the new year's mileage and workouts so far:

12/27-1/2: 20m LR, 72m/week
1/3-1/9: 4x800 track, 20m LR, 72 m/week
1/10-1/16: 20m LR, 65 m/week
1/17-1/23: 2x1600, 1x800, 1x400 track, 15:26 5K RACE, 20m LR, 66m/week
1/24-1/30: 19m LR, 75m/week
1/31-2/6: 23m LR, 85m/week
2/7-2/13: 22m LR, 77m/week

The long runs I start out slow and build. By the end of them I am cruising. Most take between 2:15-2:30 hours.

My endurance and strength are getting really strong-the three weeks after the 5k I ran I did just that. But now I do need to start doing some more workouts again to get ready for the Spring, starting this week.

LT Workouts: these are the most important workouts for 13.1m racing. I find I am very good at them and they come naturally to me. As warmer weather nears this week, I am looking foward to getting some solid workouts in.