Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16: 5 X MILE: GREAT Workout

Fantastic Workout today. Beautiful weather as well. I did 5 x mile on the Richard Montgomery Track with 1 lap walk rest....I guess it was a lot of rest though but I do like to rest for the amount of time the interval takes sometimes....however there are other workouts I will do with less rest and tempos are very good workouts for this. Anyway, I hit all the intervals in the same times which was the goal. It's all about running even.


Average 5:00 pace.

I view this as a really good 10K-13.1M workout. The great thing about this workout was that I didn't feel like it was a 5K workout(because the pace didn't feel as anaerobic as before). A few months ago I did 3xmile at 5:03-5:04 pace but it felt like 5K race pace to me. Now it felt more like 8K-10K race pace.

This is adaptation of the body. My body is learning how to translate 5:00 pace to longer distances.

This will also help my half marathon time. And I intend to do some longer intervals(2mile intervals) in prep for the half. Tempos as well will be necessary. Perhaps I will do a tempo this Saturday. Target Tempo Pace is 5:15-5:20.

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