Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2/23: 4 x 2400!!

Today the Track Workout was prescribed as 4 x 2400(1.5 miles) repeats with one lap walk rest between each. It was tiring, but I ran really well. I was thinking I would be running 5:10 pace, but I AVERAGED 5:05 pace!!! The interval times were all pretty much the same: I ran pretty even with the last 2 laps of each interval a bit a lot of times I was going through the mile in 5:07/5:08 and hitting 2:30 the last 800. I think the last interval I hit 5:10 at the mile so my last 800 was 2:28!


7:39...5:06 pace
7:37...5:05 pace
7:38...5:05 pace
7:38...5:05 pace

6 Miles worth of work. I believe the times equate to a 31:45 10K. It was a terrific endurance/strength workout once I got to intervals 3 and especially 4. I felt like it was a mile and then added on two more laps. Mentally it was a good workout also. I made sure to focus on my form and keep my eyes up. Did the workout in my Saucony Kinvaras...this shoe is just fantastic for my workouts. I love it.

This week is high mileage. Shooting for 95. My workouts are gradually moving up in distance. I think the next workout will be some sort of cruise interval workout like 4x2mile on the towpath. I'd also like to do a hard tempo 10 mile run in prep for the half...perhaps on the treadmill...LOL...ring a bell?

Marine Corps Registration opened today. I have thought about registering...but am holding back so far. I do not know but will be thinking about entering the race. I'm really 50/50 on it. We'll see. The fall again is up in the air right now.

Joe and I are getting psyched for Shamrock. The guy has wheels. Hoping to tear it up there for the both of us.

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