Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday, 2/20

Today I had a really nice long run of 21 miles. I started at the Capital Crescent 3.5 mile marker and headed south toward DC. I started out very easy(8min pace) for the first 6-7 miles, talking and chatting with some of my runners, but gradually picking up the pace as I got to Georgetown and DC. I turned around about 9 miles in and ran back up the CCT. As I was approaching Fletcher's Boathouse, I saw fellow PR racing team member and friend Dave Miller running the opposite direction on the Canal. I greeted him and turned around to add a few miles with him on the Canal. He was in the middle of a solo 24 mile long run so I'm sure he could use some company. Dave is training for the National Marathon and is looking very fit. We shared a good convo about our training and bid adieu.

I turned around and got back to Fletchers again and began to hammer up the CCT. The CCT climbs uphill ever so gradually and it is a terrific way to train by running the way back up harder. I definitely was hammering. My mile splits were sub 6 going uphill. I felt great though, still in control and ran hard all the way up to the top. Definitely hit a few 5:45s. I ended up running 21 miles total or just under, and I love the way I ran it, starting out slow and just picking up the whole way mile by mile.

Next week will be a high mileage week. Shooting for close to 95. I have an idea of some sort of 1/2 marathon workout this week: perhaps 4 x 2 mile repeats.

my fall racing schedule is still on my mind...still not sure what to do...

all I know is to keep on going

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