Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4X2MILE on the TRACK...whew.

Tough workout today, probably one of the hardest I've ever done. 4x2mile is quite a good amount, especially on the track. I ran well and even though I slowed the last interval I ran controlled. The best thing was how controlled I ran today. This workout was targeting more of the 10Mile-13.1Mile range.

I hit the first interval in 10:19(5:14, 5:05 split) and then jogged one lap(2 minutes) and ran the next in 10:19 again(splits 5:10, 5:09). I then walked a lap and jogged another before getting ready for 2 more sets. Then the highschool lacrosse team started running laps around the track. I began weaving in and out around many runners, at first they were surprised and when they finished I was still running and found myself being cheered on by the entire team-they could see I was clearly working my ass off and it was nice to get a little support out there because the 3rd and 4th intervals were definitely the toughest. I hit the 3rd in 10:24(5:17, 5:07) and I liked the way how I picked it up during the second mile! I negative split ALL of these efforts which is tremendous. After the 3rd set I walked one more lap and began the 4th set which I didn't have much left turnover. 10:32 was the best I could muster and I once again negative split in 5:20, 5:12.

I feel so strong. I have never been in this kind of shape.

Workout Times below:

10:19- splits: 5:14, 5:05
10:19- splits: 5:10, 5:09
10:24- splits: 5:17, 5:07
10:32- splits: 5:20, 5:12

Average pace: 5:11-5:12/mile

Being a 10Mile/13.1Mile workout, I wouldn't say I could run 13.1Miles at 5:11 pace right now. Maybe 10 miles. I think realistically 13.1 will be more of like 5:15-5:20 pace(1:09 half marathon race pace). These are the longest intervals I will do on the track. From here I will do some target half marathon tempo stuff.

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