Saturday, April 2, 2011


April 3 will be a clash between not only some of the world's best runners, but also some of the Washington/Virginia/Maryland's best runners. There are numerous racing teams competing in the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler including my ex-team Georgetown Running Company. GRC is bringing an ARMY of runners to this race...Karl Dusen, Wiegner, Sam Luff, Jerry Greenlaw, the Dutchman Dirk De name a handful. Patrick Reaves is coming back to town. Pacers has plenty of runners as always. I'm sure there are plenty of other studs I haven't even mentioned showing up. The top 10 in this race is taken by World Class East Africans, the winner running anywhere between 45-46 minutes for 10 Miles. It's an incredible event, Cherry Blossom. But I cannot be afraid to compete. For the =PR= Racing team, Aaron Church and Adam Condit will join me in trying to take on as many top runners as we can. We don't have as big of a team as some of the others, but we'll give a good fight. Adam and I have a solid plan as well to attack a monster PR. My last 10 miles in my shamrock half marathon race were run in 53:15(5:19 pace). 5:10-5:12 pace is certainly within range based on many workouts I have done the past few months and the weather conditions look OPTIMAL. I need to run as EVEN as possible and kick the last 800 meters. I can't go out too fast. I need to remember my strength and the reason why I am a good runner and use that to my advantage. The ultimate goal is to compete well and hopefully break the 52:00 barrier. 10 Miles is really a great distance. It's longer than 10K but not quite as long as a half marathon so it is a distance for me that combines my high lactate threshold(half marathon) and VO2 Max(5K). Time to put it all together. LETS GO =PR=!!!!!

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