Sunday, April 24, 2011


Nearly 30 miles of racing within the last 4 weeks are now behind me. I have PRed in the 10K, 10 Mile, and 13.1 Mile distances this Spring. It will do no good for me to race another 13.1 right now. I have already maximized those distances this Spring. The Fall is the next time for me to aim for a PR in 13.1 again and attack 26.2 as well. I am working on a summer/fall training plan as well as build a great base again over the summer. But before that begins...

I am working on the shorter stuff right now. The fine tuning. Training this week was better in the sense that I was able to run a bit more. Hit 70 miles this week with a 2 hour slow long run. I also did a moderate track session on Saturday that consisted of 3x400 and 2x800 all at goal 5k pace. I hit 72s(15:00 flat pace) on all the 400s and 2:23 and 2:24 on the 800s. Not very fast but fast enough. I think I will feel a lot better next week to be able to do more. I am looking forward to doing some more track work like 5x1000 or 3x1600 which are a couple of my favorites for the 5k. I have 3 solid weeks until the Swarthmore 5K, so its nice to have some time to train until then. 5000 meters is a tough event, and even though it is so short respectively to the other races I train for, it is tough because it is pretty much your VO2 Max pace, which is all out full aerobic capacity.

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