Sunday, April 10, 2011

Training April 4-10

Had a good training week on 6 days in terms of quality/getting the legs going again. I felt refreshed after taking Monday off and ventured out to Edward's Ferry on Tuesday to enjoy an 11 mile run in pure solitude. Then, Wednesday I did 4x800 on the track in 2:22 average each(4:45 mile pace). Thursday I ran with Joe for about 12 miles in parts of the trolley trail and Rock Creek Park. We both felt good and know we are very fit and ready to roll for the Pikes Peek 10K. Friday I took an easy shakeout 5 miler due to a scheduled tempo I wanted to do on Saturday morning. I met Karl, Sam, Joe, and Dave Burnham on the track at BCC Saturday morning. The workout Joe was going to do was a 5 mile tempo on thr track working down each mile faster. Sam decided to do the last 4 with him while I decided to do the last 3(this was perfect for me since Joe is a bit faster and I wanted to get in a solid 3 mile pace effort for the 10K next Weekend-plus I would be able to help him out with his pace. After 2 miles, I jumped on the track with Joe, Sam, Karl, and Dave and the pace was just progressing to 5:05s as I started with them. We took turns leading and I hit mile 1 in 5:05, and mile 2 in 5:04. Then Dave and Karl dropped out(since they had already run 4) and it was just me Sam and Joe for the last mile(this was Joe's 5th mile, Sam's 4th, and my 3rd). We picked up the pace the last mile and all stayed together through the last lap. Final mile: a 4:58. Total time was 15:07 for 3 miles. Ideal pace I wanted to hit so I was happy about it. Sunday was an easy Long Run at Difficult Run-got in 14.5 miles or so. 60 miles for the week. I am looking foward to Pike's Peek 10K. I think 31:30 is a very good goal to shoot for in this one(5:04 pace).

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