Sunday, May 22, 2011


I arrived in Naples, Florida today for a vacation with Beth and her family. It is nice to relax and kick back for a bit. I have worked hard over the past year in not only my running, but also my job, and of course being the best man I can be for Beth. Beth has also worked really hard with finishing her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and deserves to relax. So we are going to enjoy ourselves this week on the beach and in the sun.

After Swarthmore I have gotten back to just mileage for my running and have been increasing the mileage again but also decreasing intensity(no workouts). It is nice to not workout during the week and just run. I am fit as I have ever been and I'd be lying if I didn't say I feel absolutely fantastic...even with my Spring of PRs just behind me. I finished up the end of this week with 73 miles(with one day off), so I am clearly headed for the 80-90 miles/week range again. But again, just general running. It is nice to not workout right now. My legs are recovering yet I am maintaining my aerobic fitness...


This summer will be my next phase of racing but will be very short. I have 3 races lined up in July that will all be within 3 weeks of eachother. The first will be the MidSummer Night's Mile on July 8 and I will plan to attack a much overdue mile PR(my last mile PR is from HighSchool!) to strengthen my pure speed as a runner. The second will be one of my favorites(and must do's since its on my home turf and right in front of the =PR= store)...The Rockville Twilight 8K on July 16. The third race will be the evil pacers' Crystal City 5K on July 23 where I'll try to take down as many pacers runners as I can. These races will be "maintenance races" to keep my body used to racing and also to keep my speed up...but ultimately my major focus will be this fall.

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