Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday Night Mile

latest news:

Georgetown Running Company will be sending some runners out to the MidSummer Night's Mile tomorrow evening. Jake Klim(the Red Fox) will be there along with Paul Guevara(2:21 marathoner), Dickson Mercer, and a few others rabbiting the race.

Klim owns the record of 4:22. He is returning to form after a year off due to a rough injury. His goal is to break 4:30.

For me to run a mile well, I need to go out pretty strong and run pretty even(or slightly negative split)...I am not a runner who sits back the whole race and kicks the last lap like Jim Ryun did. My plan is to run even and aim to run 66s for the first 2 laps(2:12), and then negative split 65 and 64 the last 2 laps.

Aiming to run anywhere between 4:20-4:25.

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