Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Summary and July Training

June was a great month of just pure volume and general running with no real workouts. The June weeks were 98, 90, 105, 118, and I averaged 103 miles/week. I have a good foundation set, and now I am adding workouts for July with a little less mileage. Furthur out, August will be the toughest mountain to climb. Last week I hit 80 miles with a 6x400 track workout. The thing that's great about my adaptation to training over the past 2 years is that 80miles/week doesn't seem so high to me anymore. The goal for July is to use the foundation I have built by running reasonable mileage(80-90 mpw) while working on the gears and efficiency by introducing speedwork and formwork. One of the main reasons I am running a 1 mile track race this friday is not because I am a miler(it is stretching the limits of the shortest distance race I can run well at)...but because it will help me improve as a runner-along with track work-improve my form, stride, turnover, and power in my stride. It's all about efficiency, at the end of the day, this will translate to helping me become a better runner, and running well at the events that I excel in.

Today I did a workout of 1x400, 1x800, 1x400, with 3 minute rest, hitting 66, 2:14, and 64 respectively. I wanted the 800 to be faster but I think it was good enough.

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