Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aug 22-28: Tri-State 24 Miler, 101 Miles/Week

Crazy week of hurricanes, earthquakes and whatnot, but training remained consistent still. I got in 101 miles for the week and a total of 9 runs. The workout on Wednesday morning was great obviously, the 4 miles in 20:20 showed that I am sharpening into half marathon race pace nicely. The rest of my runs were just general aerobic runs, nothing faster than 6:00 pace. On Saturday I got my long run out of the way since the hurricane was on its way. I started down the CCT and ran down towards DC and continued past the Kennedy Center, crossed the Arlington Memorial Bridge, looped onto the Mount Vernon Trail, crossed back over the Key Bridge, poked my head in the Georgetown store to pick up some water, and continued on my way back to the Arlington Bridge to see how my marathoners were doing. They were going 20 miles today and they looked great as I crossed the Arlington bridge a second time. I ran to the end and looped back to run through Georgetown a bit before coming back up the Capital Crescent. At this point I was 17 miles in and had 7 miles to go. Although my pace wasn't fast, (I was running no faster than 6:10 pace and ended up averaging 6:50s for the entire run), it wasn't easy coming back up the long climb on the CCT. But I felt pretty good overall and it gave me confidence for the 26.2 mile distance I would tackle in 2 months. Total time was 2 hours and 45 minutes and the distance was 24 miles. Longest long run of the year so far. This should hopefully help my marathoning improve...just simply running close to 26.2 miles as opposed to running it at race pace first will help me progress to the marathon pace runs later on. I am really excited for the Kentlands 5K next Saturday-it should be a great tune-up for Philly and hopefully I'll snatch a PR as well.

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