Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have to admit, if I chose one runner who inspires me, it would be Michael Wardian. Originally a lacrosse player in college, Wardian got into competitive running post collegiately(meaning he never competed in college, and started by just trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I say "just" not to say qualifying for Boston isn't hard...it surely is the holy grail for many good runners. But for Wardian, who qualified for the Olympic Trials Marathon this year(running a superb and lifetime best of 2:17 at the age of 37)...qualifying for Boston is cake for him. However, when he first started out, that was a good goal for him. He kept setting higher and higher goals and now is one of the world's best ultrarunners and an elite marathoner. The guy's ability to recover is insane, and he does it with a full time job, wife and 2 kids-many of the runners I coach do this as well. The way Wardian handles everything inspires me. One day I will have kids and will have to learn how to manage all that in addition to a job, and my training. But not yet ;). Wardian inspires me to qualify for the marathon trials, but also in his ultra-running. I never thought I'd say this, but I think one day I may want to dive into ultra running when I'm a bit older-perhaps past 40. Maybe when I'm passed running as fast as I humanly can in less distances, would I try the Western States 100 Miler.

Check out the interview with Wardian on NPR:


But for now, I am focused on that half marathon in 3.5 weeks, and I have a fast workout to do tomorrow morning.


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