Monday, September 5, 2011

8/29-9/4: 75 Miles/Week

Down week in mileage but still with quality workouts. In fact, I got in 3 workouts this week(including the 5K race-which I also consider to be a workout). Tuesday was a nice track session of 1600, 1200, 800, 400. Saturday was the 5K race. But then, to my surprise actually, Sunday ended up being a terrific workout. The workout was a 3 mile easy run followed by a 10 mile progression to marathon pace followed by an additional 3 mile easy run. Total was 16 miles, and during the middle miles I was cranking, and feeling even better as the pace got faster. There is something in me that works well with's like a switch I have...and once I flip it on, I just go. After 3 miles I worked down the pace starting from 6:10 pace and eventually set the cruise on the 5:30-5:40 pace range for most of the miles. At times I was running even 5:20 pace which really didn't even feel that hard! The day AFTER a hard 5K and I am running this pace....I thought. There is no way I used to be able to recover so quickly like this.

I am excited for some really really good workouts this week.

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