Saturday, September 3, 2011

I should be satisfied with this result...but I'm not

15:22. 4th place in the Kentlands 5K this morning. This race really wasn't that important, but I have to admit I am not satisfied with the result...not that I could have run faster...I ran the pace that my legs needed to go...and it seemed they wouldn't shift into the next gear that I would have liked them to...they just kinda cruised the whole way.

I gun went off and Abiyot Endale(superb EliteAfrican runner)...who no question was going to win this race unless he took a wrong turn....surged to the lead with another African runner beside him and me tailing. Joe whisped by me and tucked in behind them. A gap began between Joe and I but I keyed off of him while 2 other guys clung right behind me...breathing down my neck. I hate that. But I felt they would soon drop by mile 2.

Turn after turn after turn...this course had 6 turns before the first mile! Crazy. It was like a street fight. I hit the first mile in 4:48. On goal pace and feeling good. More turns. We veered around the lake. I could still see Joe slightly ahead. I could still feel the other 2 runners hanging off my back. But I began to feel that familiar feeling I always get once I warm myself up. I keep pressing. So, I pressed, and they began to fall off. Mile 2: 9:39, still on pace. But I needed to press the last mile if I even had a shot at sub 15. Then came the hill. It wasn't a bad hill. But it was just kind of in the way. it slowed me down for sure. I could still see Joe ahead who was close to the 2nd African. People cheered as I got to the top of the hill and began the downhill straight to the finish. I ran strongly but there were no change in gears, it was just a consistent, strong effort. I knew then that my time wouldn't be fast. 15:22 just seems so slow to me now.

Ok, now that I have explained what's gone on in my head, here's the reality(and this is the coach in me speaking now)...I ran 9 seconds slower than my TRACK PR. the road is much slower than track. In fact, if the effort would've been converted to the track, it probably would've been a PR for me. plus the course wasn't perfect in itself with that hill at the end. AND I am training for a half marathon in 2 weeks, as well as a marathon 6 weeks after. AND I have been averaging 100 miles/week...although this week is a down week. AND this race was supposed to just get my feet wet a little. The true focus of all this training is on the half marathon/marathon. There will be other opportunities to jump back on the track and hit that 14:40. So really, I should be happy.

But I'm not. And that's ok, I realize, because it's what keeps me alive and hungry for more.


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