Thursday, September 1, 2011

it's time to RACE! the attack on 15:00 minutes

My roomate Joe, pictured to the left above, placing 2nd during last year's Kentlands 5K.

My PR is 15:13 for the 5K. I plan to attack the 15:00 barrier this Saturday-I need to run 4:49 per mile in order to do this, which feels doable to me. I am fit and it will be a great tune-up race for Philly. Mileage is less this week for the race. On Tuesday I did a nice track workout of 1x1600, 1x1200, 1x800, and 1x400. I like this workout because it is a good race simulator for the 5K. The 400 is like the final kick towards the finish line. I feel pretty race sharp after doing this workout. My splits were 4:46(1600), 3:35(1200), 2:22(800), 65(400).

The Kentlands 5K will be a great race to see where my fitness is at, and feel I have a legitimate shot at sub-15:00. It would also be nice to get top 3 and win some $$$. The variables are the course and it's turns...which can slow one down so it may or may not be doable. We'll see. According to my roomate, Joe(who finished this race last year in 2nd, in 14:44), there is a hill after the 2nd mile but there is also a nice downhill finish.

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