Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Philly & The Final Weeks Ahead

A few final words about Philly: I was fascinated with how well the race was run, the crowds, the competition and the city. Beth and I had a great time. Thank you, Philadelphia. I will most likely return to race it again next year.

Post Philly I was tired all last week pretty much. Ran 6 days out of 7 but very easy runs and slow paces-no workouts. I got in 78 miles which was enough to build off of for the next few weeks, and an easy long run of 19 miles. My mileage will be back in the 100's range the next few weeks in prep for Marine Corps, with QUALITY runs as a huge emphasis. My summer high ended up being 120 miles(averaging 100mpw) which I felt was enough in amount(thank you Charlie and Jake Klim for the advice). I didn't need to go higher-but someday I'm sure I will build up to 140 as I reach new levels in my training and racing. I certainly reached a new level at Philly last weekend. It's my strongest PR to date(conversions are faster in every respective distance I race). The 68 minute 13.1 race I ran makes me really excited to see what I can do in the full 26.2. 57th overall doesn't sound great, but I beat a lot of good runners-one who was 3rd in Marine Corps last year. Though, the 26.2 is a different race and it is certainly by far my weakest PR(back from 2005, a 2:38)...even my 1 mile PR is hilariously better(I am certainly not a miler). But this makes no difference to me. It's all about where I am NOW. I have a good idea for a marathon goal, but the next few weeks and workouts will really help to validate where my fitness is.

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