Sunday, October 2, 2011

9/26-10/2: 100 Miles/Week and a 25 Miler

A week of just solid good running. Pure and simple. The goal was to get back into the groove of things since the previous week was a recovery week of 78 miles post philly. I hit 100 miles this week and had some really nice runs but didn't do any workouts. This week was a final endurance builder before I do some tune-up workouts next week. I did a long run of 25 miles at a relaxed 6:40 pace average and it felt good....really good. I started from Carderock and ran South towards DC and across the Arlington Memorial Bridge. I saw 2:15 marathoner Chris Raabe running in Georgetown and had a sudden urge to run with him, but thought I probably would bother him-plus he was going a little faster than I would've wanted to run. It was great weather running today and nice it did not rain. At mile 23 I felt like I could've run forever...30, 40 miles if I wanted to. But 25 would be enough, and the longest run I will do before attacking 26.2 on Oct 30. The plan for next week is to hit 120 miles with marathon pace workout(s). After next week I will start tapering the mileage but keep the intensity.

In other news, Lucinda QUALIFIED FOR THE OLYMPIC TRIALS today in a FANTASTIC time of 2:43:43!!! Luci ran the race PERFECTLY, executing a great race plan to go hard the last 10 miles and it payed off-she negative split and earned a spot to Houston 2012. I am really excited for her and am happy to have helped her in her training to getting where she is now. It's exciting to see a former QO runner do this. I hope to join that list someday.

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  1. Thanks, Chris! I'm grateful for all those long runs together and the advice you shared with me about running marathons. I look forward to doing many more with you leading up to Houton. In the mean time, I'll be sending all my best thoughts so that you have the breakthrough race you're due for!