Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall, Oct 10-16, 95 Miles/Week

Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love the foliage and cooler weather for running. It can make running seem effortless many days. It doesn't last long enough though before winter makes it here.

Ran 95 miles last week as my first taper week. It was 35 miles less than my peak mileage the week before...which makes me think of what a different page I'm on with mileage now. I have averaged 80 miles/week for the entire year so far and am projected to finish the year with around 4,000 miles.

This week I will take the miles down to the 70s, and the last week before the race will be about 55 miles. My legs are feeling fresher as I keep taking the miles down. I did a 16 mile run this past saturday at a faster effort, in my flats, and I felt great.

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