Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1/11/12: 3x1600m

Today I had a solid track session that was 3x1600m with 4-5 min rest/jog between each.  I tested out the Mizuno Wave Universe for the first time and for how lightweight it is it certainly has decent cushioning.  I'm still on the fence on using it for the half marathon, however...10K definitely.  We'll see.  For now it was a great substitute for a track session targeted for the 5000m race next Saturday.


Interval 1: 4:48...splits: 2:24, 2:24

Interval 2: 4:44...splits: 2:22, 2:22

Interval 3: 4:46...splits: 2:24, 2:22

It was a pretty crappy day weather wise.  The first 2 intervals it wasn't raining much, but on the 3rd interval it began raining hard again and it was getting colder.  The conditions today certainly were not the best and I have a feeling that once I get on a nice dry indoor track with spikes and less clothing it will be ideal conditions.  Still, I am happy with this workout and feel eager and hungry to workout or race which is a great sign.  I think early next week I'll do 4-5x1000m at goal pace as a final workout.  My goal for the 5000m next Saturday is to break 15:00 minutes(sub 4:48 per 1600m).  If I can do that I will be looking great for March.  I think the 1000's will be my fine tuning and I'll be ready to go.  Again, the 5000m isn't my strength, but it is a race that will surely help my longer distance times improve.

*Note of Comparison: Last Year at this time I did these intervals in 4:55-4:58, before I ran 15:26 for 5k.

I love this sport.  It's great seeing how far you can push yourself.  I don't see how I could ever give it up.  Here's to training again in 2012.

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