Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25: 6 X MILE

Today I had an awesome workout that lifted my confidence as a runner.  The workout was challenging mentally because it was my first "longer interval" workout in a while.  6 X MILE, with 3-5 min rest.  Once I got through the first 3 intervals, I actually began feeling good, and enjoyed it somewhat.  Yes interval work  Perhaps I was enjoying the brand new racing shoes I got which I have decided to use in my half marathon this March.  I instinctively decided against using the Mizuno Wave Universe(3.8 ounces!) because it doesn't have enough cushion for the 13.1 distance.  However, it seems to be just right for that road 10K PR I am shooting for in late April-so it will be good use for that-as well as other short races or short, fast workouts.  Instead, I am using the Brooks T7 Racer, which I tried out for the first time tonight during my workout.  It weighs about 6 ounces which is perfect for me coming from the Musha(which is 7.8 ounces).  I'm not trying to diss the Musha though...that shoe has gotten me far and I wouldn't be where I am now without it.

The T7 is perhaps the best racing shoe I've worn yet, as it feels so effortless running in them.  I felt completely natural out there running and didn't feel the shoe was working against me at all.  It feels nearly perfect with my mechanics.  As I was doing my workout, I began to realize that this was the shoe for me to run the 13.1 as fast as I can.

Interval splits:

5:13, 4:59, 4:56, 4:54, 4:56, 4:55

This was a great first workout to target my spring peak.  It's crazy but 4:55 pace is starting to not feel so hard anymore...

In addition, I did 13 miles on monday, and another 13 on Tuesday.  Mileage will be 90-100 this week.  I feel great.


  1. Did you ever wear the T6? I loved that shoe but of course they stopped production and replaced with the T7. I tried the new model and it feels completely different to me. Is this just a manifestation of my crazy or have you noticed a substantial difference as well?

    Oh, and don't EVER wear the T6 or T7 in a marathon. Bad mojo.

  2. I never have run in the Brooks T6. Never tried the T Series at all actually. I did notice that the unisex sizing is a little bit different in the T7 than other racing shoes I've worn. Normally I'm an 8.5 but in the T7 the size 9 fit much better.

    I'm curious to what my next marathon shoe will be next fall-perhaps it will still be the musha...the T7 I think will be perfect for the half marathon though.

  3. I don't know, it looks to me like you're dissing the Musha.