Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I accelerated into the turn on the track in my nike zoom victory spikes like a car accelerating on a race track.  I felt really good.  My form was solid.  I was in full stride with my arms pumping strong.  The cold air filled my lungs but I loved every part of it.  I love training outside.  I just won't go on the treadmill unless it is too dangerous to run outside... 

The workout today was emphasis on pure speed and turnover.  By my own design, it consisted of 1x400 at threshold pace, 3x200, 1x400, 3x200, 2x400 all at 1500m+ race pace, and finally 2x200(5k race pace)

*3x200(32, 31.5, 32)
*3x200(31, 30.8, 30.5)
*2x400(65, 66)
2x200(35, 35)

This was really great in tapping into my speed and working on all the gears.  This will enable me to use them as efficiently as I can and have them available during the 5k in a few weeks.  I need to do a longer workout next time like 3x1600m or 5x1000m.  Once I do a workout like that I will have a good idea for a goal time for the 5,000m.

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