Sunday, February 5, 2012

1/30-2/5: 99 Miles/Week

99 Miles for the week.  Ramping it up in distance.  My legs are a little beat up.  I decided to not do a track workout this week since I sensed my legs needed less intensity to compensate for the higher mileage.  Sometimes it's really important to NOT do a workout, instead of vice versa.  It's hard to do this if you get in a routine, but if it doesn't feel right to run fast, don't.  It is tricky, and for me, I have learned that no matter what training plan/workout I have or follow, the best answer ends up being listening to my gut feeling-no matter what.  By doing this, it helps me scale back if I need to, but it also is a fierce weapon for me to push myself when I'm ready. 

But back to my plan.  The month of February will be the highest in mileage with emphasis on longer intervals as key workouts for the Half Marathon/10 Mile distances.  Once March comes around the mileage will be somewhat lower all the way through April.  April will be more focused workouts for the 5k-10k, and pure speed.

Overall, I'm excited for some awesome training this month.  It is tough though-as I get faster I realize it ain't easier-that's for sure. 

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