Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15: 4800m, 3200m, 2 x 1600m

Lactate Threshold.  For me, the half marathon is becoming closer and closer to this pace(a pace one maintains for 1 hour.  A high Lactate Threshold is important for distances between 10K all the way up to the marathon.  But perhaps the most defining distances for LT workouts for me are 10 Miles and 13.1 Miles.  10 Miles is a little bit faster, 13.1 Miles a little bit slower.

The workout I did today was focused primarily on Lactate Threshold pace.  I did it all on the track, and though the first 3 miles was not so fun, the next intervals got better.  The workout was a cutdown: 3 mile, 2 mile, and then 2 x 1 mile.  These were right around my LT pace.  The 4:55 mile afterwards surprisingly felt "easy."  The last interval I ran at what felt very close to half marathon race pace felt rather comfortable.  This is my most impressive workout yet.  I am looking good for where I am 4.5 weeks out from Shamrock.  Did this workout in the Brooks T7s again.  I have gotten pretty comfortable in this racing shoe and am excited to make a debut in it next month. 


4800m: 15:10, (5:03 pace)
3200m: 9:59, (4:59 pace)
1600m: 4:55
1600m: 5:05

Total Miles: 13.5: 4 mile warm up, 7 miles (workout), 2.5 mile cooldown
Should be around 90-100 miles this week.

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