Sunday, March 4, 2012

2/27-3/4: 68 Miles/Week & Final 2011 Rankings

Less mileage this week and was able to handle one of the hardest workouts of my career.  The focus was around that workout.  The Saturday Long Run was the first long run under 20 miles in the past 6 weeks. Also took my first day off in 6 weeks.

Monday: 7 Miles easy with Mickey

Tuesday: 8 Miles easy @ Cabin John Trails, + core work

Wednesday: 4.5 mile run, followed by 6x2400, 1x1600, 1x800, all w/ 2-4 min recoveries, average 5:02 pace, 16 Miles total

Thursday: OFF, foam roll and core work

Friday: 4 Miles easy

Saturday: 17+ Miles at Pennyfield w/ Matt, w/ last 5 miles in 27:xx, +/- 5:30 pace) 1:55:00

Sunday: 15 Miles(14 with Brandon) @ The MD/DC Line 1:47:00

TOTAL: 68 Miles

Next week I will do a tune-up workout on the track that will be less volume but a bit quicker.  Something like 2x2mile +/- 1 mile, 800.  It's time to start gearing up to race.  My goals are high this spring and I'm looking to make some bold statements. 

Below are the final 2011 Rankings (MD, VA, DC) for the entire year.  James Moreland does these rankings based off 10K equivalent performances, and any race done within MD, VA, & DC.  My 13.1 in Philly last Sept equates to sub-31 for the 10K, though unfortunately it can't be counted since it is in PA.  This year I am looking to place much higher.

Endale, Abiyot****26Silver Spring, MD28:19
2Flynn, Ricky*624Lynchburg, VA29:09
3Feysa Birhanualem****29Washington, DC29:35
4Bokan, Tariku30Herndon, VA29:34
5Berdan, Dave*****30Owings Mills, MD29:32
6Tefera, Demesse**29Washington, DC29:44
7Dusen, Karl**28North Bethesda, MD30:09
8Flynn, Brian*28Weyers Cove, VA30:17
9McDougal, Jordan****24Culpeper, VA30:21
10DeVar, Frank***23Alexandria, VA30:23
11Rodriguez, Bert***32Arlington, VA30:20
12Komen, Wilson**33Washington, DC30:21
13Wardian, Michael****37Arlington, VA30:23
14Megerssa, Gurmessa*833Washington, DC30:29
15Luff, Sam*24Rockville, MD30:32
16Wiegner, Joey*29Rockville, MD30:42
17Barresi, Matt**28Falls Church, VA30:41
18Carroll, Ryan*1829Portsmouth, VA30:50
19Viviani, Will*****29Arlington, VA30:56
20Battaglino, Alex**25Baltimore, MD31:02
21Angell, David*****34Blue Ridge, VA31:09
22Burnham, David27Arlington, VA31:16
23Dybas, Piotr**24Richmond, VA31:24
24Deak, Ryan***25Burke, VA31:19
25Saunders, Rich23Alexandria, VA31:30
26Sloane, Christopher28Rockville, MD31:28
27Meeker, Dustin**30Baltimore, MD31:35
28Geletu, Seife*29Washington, DC31:49
29Mercer, Dickson30Washington, DC31:41
30Burke, Edmund**42Burtonsville, MD31:52
31O'Reilly, Blaine23Hayes, VA31:52
32Renjifo, Carlos*28Columbia, MD31:59
33Miller, Dave28Arlington, VA32:03
34Wertz, David35Arlington, VA32:06
35Church, Aaron****35South Riding, VA32:14
36Hryrniak, David26Chesapeake, VA32:10
37Belford, Luke*29Nottingham, MD32:15
38Aramayo, Ed25Baltimore, MD32:28
39Henry, James*28Silver Spring, MD32:26
40Hanlin, Cameron***23Hagerstown, MD32:41
41Buschman, Mark**27Ellicott City, MD32:43
42Brown, Karsten*737Front Royal, VA32:53
43Toland, Hugh***30Fairfax, VA33:00
44Dewitt, Daniel*623Frostburg, MD33:10
45Myers, Jason*26Alexandria, VA33:27
46Ciarfalia, Andrew*29Reston, VA33:37
47Ethicha, Kumsa*27Washington, DC33:41
48Logan, Matt25Washington, DC33:42
49Rumery, Shawn*25Silver Spring, MD33:46

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