Sunday, March 11, 2012

It's Time to Roll

3/5-3/11: 58 Miles/Week

This was another lesser week of mileage to build rest into my weeks leading up to the Anthem Half.  Just like last week I took another day off this week, and my longest runs were 12 miles.  I did a nice tune-up track workout on Wednesday which wasn't anything crazy but enough of a workout.  The week summary:

Monday: AM: 12: ran with fellow friend and coach Brian Flynn for an out and back at Riley's Lock, 1:19(about 6:30 pace average)

Tuesday: 8: easy run on Cabin John Trails

Wednesday: PM: 10: 4 mile warm up + 5x1600m on the track, 3-4 min rest between each.
splits: 5:03, 4:47, 5:01, 4:51, 5:02. + cool down.

Thursday: 6: took a drive out to great falls, va, for a relaxing run on trails

Friday: OFF, weights and core work

Saturday: AM: 10 miles easy (70:00)

Sunday: AM: 12 miles started easy picked it up the last few miles finishing fast towards race pace at the end

I am excited and ready for my spring racing season to begin next Sunday.  Following the half marathon on 3/18 will be 2 weeks later the epic Cherry Blossom 10 Miler on 4/1.  After 4/1 I will have a month to train and sharpen up my speed to prepare for Pikes Peek 10K on 4/29.  Coming off Pikes Peek will be a track 5000m a few weeks later in mid-May.  So there are basically 2 major build ups to my season.  The first focusing on threshold for 10M-13.1M, and the 2nd working down to 5k-10k and pure speed.  The challenge afterward will be getting ready for my final race which is the USA Half Marathon Championships in mid-June 1 month after the 5k in May.  But more on that later.  For now I am focused on the upcoming 13.1 next sunday.  One at a time.  One at a time.