Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4/18: 4x400m, 2x800m, 2x1600m

I did a pretty hard ladder workout today on the track.  The workout was designed to move up in distance, so that by the last longer intervals my body would be really tired.  Mentally, this is a challenging workout.  It doesn't seem too bad at first, but once you get to the 1600s there isn't much left if you do it right.  Splits below:

400s(w/2-3 min jog/recoveries):

800s(w/3-4 min recoveries) :

1600s(w/4-5 min recoveries):

This workout was great prep for the 10k.  I am also beginning to dig into 5k specific training(VO2-Max).  I have entered the second half of my spring season.  I do see a link and connections from months before too.  A little bit of Daniels' Running Formula here.  For example, right now I am not doing 20+ mile long runs(I may do 16-17 like I did last Saturday), but over the winter, I did a lot of 20+ milers, to build endurance and a solid foundation.  After I built up my endurance, I began doing workouts of LT pace stuff.  I focused on Threshold and LT very well.  The races towards the end of that period were appropriately the half marathon and 10 miler.  Now I am going through the VO2-Max(I-Pace) stage, with a 10k and outdoor track 5k planned during the end of this phase.  The 10K is a very interesting event because is uses some of the LT Threshold stuff but also relies on partly VO2-Max.  The 5K is pretty much all VO2-Max.  I think my threshold is my strongest and most natural thing my body is good at(which is also why I believe my best races are 10k on up), but it is important for me to work on I-Pace.  I am not a 5k runner like I am a half marathoner-but that doesn't mean I shouldn't work on improving my 5k.  Everything relates to eachother eventually.

It is my hope that after the VO2-Max stage, I will enter a sharpening period Mid-May through Mid-June of doing some fine tuning and pretty much putting everything together and racing in the USA Half Marathon Championships as a final spring peak.     

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