Sunday, April 15, 2012

4/9-4/15: 84 Miles/Week

Monday: AM: 13 Mile loop, 7:00 pace, starting from my place to the trolley trail heading towards Bethesda, ran around NIH and back onto Wisconsin where I crossed on Cedar Lane to pick up the Rock Creek Trail.  Took the trail North to Randolph Road and back home.

Tuesday: AM: EZ shakeout run with Mickey for about 6 miles(8:00-9:00 pace)
PM: 9 Miles on towpath, 7:00 pace

Wednesday: PM: 7 Miles easy, 7:00 pace

Thursday: AM: Track Workout: 2x1200m(3:36, 3:34), 2x800m(2:22, 2:20), 1x400m(67), 1x200m(32), total mileage 8 Miles

Friday: PM: drove out to White's Ferry and did a brisk 10 mile loop in 59:00 minutes(5:55 pace).  For some reason I just love running fast here.  I started the first mile 7:00 and quickly worked the pace down to 5:50s for the first 5 miles, and for the second 5 miles worked down furthur into the 5:40s and high 5:30s the last mile.  Did an additional 1 mile shakeout to loosen things up.  Total: 11  

Saturday: AM: Long Run 16.5 Miles @ 7:00 pace w/ Matt: started at Lock 6 on the towpath and headed south into Georgetown, crossing the Key Bridge, took the mt. vernon trail down to the 14th street bridge and crossed back over, around the tidal basin down independence ave, around the Lincoln Memorial and back up to Georgetown where we picked up the towpath again.  It was really nice running longer(1 hour 55 min) again.

Sunday: AM: 12.5 Miles easy (7:30 pace) on trails near swains lock and great falls.

Total: 84 Miles

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