Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Training

This year, so far, if you look at my mileage, it has been all over the place.  I've run as high as 111 in a week, and as low as 37 during the race week of pikes peek 10k.  I'm not saying this is a bad thing.  I think I've also worked on a lot of quality and precision of doing the right workouts this season, not just mileage.  I was also not training for a marathon this spring, so mileage, yes, I did not need to run too many 100+ mile weeks.  This summer and fall I will tap back into that as I aim to do a marathon in november.  However, I do plan to hit a couple more 90-100 mile weeks for the next few weeks before I taper down for Duluth.  The last few weeks I have run 71-72 miles each week.  What was impressive, actually about the 14:58 5k I ran was the fact that I had run 72 miles the previous week, whereas for pikes peek I ran half that mileage the week I ran 30:56 for the 10k(which is pretty close in performance compared to my 5k time).  Following the 5k at swarthmore, I ended up with 71 miles this week, with 2 days off.  I was tired after the race, but my body quickly woke up by the time wednesday hit and I got in some solid miles.  I did a nice moderately hilly 15 miler during the week, starting at whites ferry and hitting some back country roads where no one was in sight.  On the weekend, I ran 14 miles Saturday morning on the towpath with Matt.  On Sunday, I met up with the Duluth Crew(Sam, Karl, Jake) and we hit the up and down hilly trails near old anglers inn for about an hour before running a second hour along the towpath.  We picked up our pace once we hit the towpath nicely and Karl said he felt good so he hammered the last mile.  Jake and I ran togther along with Sam and finished up a 2 hour run of about 18 miles. I like finishing these long runs fast.  Afterwards, we hit Robeks and I pounded a large Smoothie.  I am going to Naples, Florida with Beth and her family from May 31-June 9.  I am looking foward to relaxing w/ Beth and just running.  If the weather in Duluth ends up being humid I will surely be prepared for it.

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