Sunday, May 6, 2012

WRR Winter Rankings & 1st Week of May

After Pikes Peek I recovered pretty nicely all things considered.  Racing 5K/10K certainly doesn't take as much out of you as 10M/13.1M does.  Usually following a 10 Miler or Half Marathon I am unable to do a workout the following week.  This week I was certainly fine(minus some calf soreness) to do a strong trackworkout on Wednesday.  I only hit 60 Miles, but it was a step back up from last week(which was a yearly low of 37 miles).  However, the lower mileage last week enabled me to recover and race well for Pikes Peek.  My mileage now will be steadily climbing to prepare for Duluth, but not too too high before the Swarthmore Track Meet(which is next Monday).  It is an odd time to race as I won't really be able to do a long run this weekend.  I probably will do one mid-week semi-longer run or something.  After Swarthmore, I will have 5 weeks to do final preparations.  It really will be 3 weeks of hard training since the last 2 weeks will be easier.       

April 30-May 6 Training:

Monday: PM: 6.5 easy
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: AM: 4.5 easy, PM: 5x1000m @ 2:57, 2:54, 2:53, 2:55, 2:58, Total: 6.5
Thursday: PM: 5 easy
Friday: AM: 5 easy, PM: 5 easy
Saturday: AM: 10.5 at Swains Lock
Sunday: AM: Long Run at Edward's Ferry with Dusen and Klim, 16.5

Total: 60 Miles

On another note, the winter rankings are out and I placed 12th, which was my highest placing ever, although winter is not as competitive.  Spring rankings should be interesting.

From the Washington Running Report:

"Holy inconsistency! Only two of the top 12 runners had two races in the top 14. Ricky Flynn was a total afterthought with his December 5K win in 15:56. Still, after racing a 2:13:42 marathon finish at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Team Trials, it is little surprise that he would come back to the forefront. He did that winning the Sentara Colonial Half Marathon in 1:07:18.
Sam Luff had a solid win at the YMCA Turkey Chase 10K in 31:32. Then in January he jumped from ninth to third place dragging 12th place Christopher Sloane (15:12) with him at the Indoor Terrapin Invitational in 14:56.
Gurmessa Megerssa was second at the king-maker Alexandria Turkey Trot 5 Mile in 24:49. Then he bolted to the runner-up spot in a heated battle he won (31:10) with fourth place Michael Wardian (31:13) and fifth place Jordan McDougal (31:14) at the GW Birthday Classic 10K.
Vince Collins takes the sixth spot winning the Annapolis Half Marathon. Ninth place Tristram Thomas was second there, followed by 11th place Dustin Meeker.
Another former champion, Ryan Carroll, takes seventh with eight overall wins, including the Online Fitness Turkey Derby 10K in 31:19. Eighth place Temsgen IIanso had a sterling MCRRC Jingle Bell Jog 8K in 24:53. Conrad Laskowski is tenth winning the RRCA Challenge 10 Mile in 52:55."

1Flynn, Ricky 24Lynchburg, VA30:32
2Megerssa, Gurmessa32Silver Spring, MD31:10
3Luff, Sam 24Rockville, MD31:09
4Wardian, Michael37Arlington, VA31:13
5McDougal, Jordan24Warrenton, VA31:14
6Collins, Vince22Baltimore, MD31:11
7Carroll, Ryan29Portsmouth, VA31:19
8Ilanso, Temsgen25Washington, DC31:17
9Thomas, Tristram25Baltimore, MD31:15
10Laskowski, Conrad25Baltimore, MD31:50
11Meeker, Dustin30Baltimore, MD31:37
12Sloane, Christopher28Rockville, MD31:42
13Otstot, Adam29Williamsburg, VA32:01
14Renjifo, Carlos29Columbia, MD32:05
15Molz, Jon25Richmond, VA31:58
16Peck, Graham22Lutherville, MD32:10
17Geletu, Seife29Washington, DC32:07
18Witters, Ryan23Washington, DC32:14
19Hryvniak, David27Charlottesville, VA32:23
20Murphy, Ryan26Richmond, VA32:21
21Jacoby, Bert29Fredericksburg, VA32:24
22Whitlow, Dustin25Arlington, VA32:42
23Kolata, Stephan30Washington, DC33:07
24Guevara, Paul25Alexandria, VA33:12
25Hopely, Mark23Lynchburg, VA33:13
26Saunders, Rich23Washington, DC33:18
27Hardin, Joshua20Potomac Falls, VA33:32
28O'Reilly, Blaine23Richmond, VA33:45

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