Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6/4-6/10: 69 Miles/Week

I stepped outside around 6:50 am Monday morning at Cabin John, and took off on the rolling trails.  Man, it felt good to get on trails again, and a few hills.  Florida is so flat and I was running on roads and sand for the most part, with the sun glaring at me.  Of course, trails are shady and cooler, but after running in Florida, the weather here seems normal now to me, not hot.  It's amazing how strong the humidity was in Florida.  Even at an early hour, I was still sweating within 10 minutes of my runs.  But Monday morning here felt somewhat cool.  My body has adapted to extreme heat and humidity after training in Florida.  Perhaps extreme humidity could be another form of altitude training, since there IS less oxygen in the air.  Regardless, I think fitness is fitness, and no matter what, cool conditions are necessary for Duluth to race optimally.  The weather looks pretty good as of now, with temperatures in the 50-65 range.

Week 6/4-6/10:

Monday: AM: 5 miles easy, PM: 7.5 miles easy

Tuesday: AM: 8 miles easy

Wednesday: AM: 12 mile moderate progression run(6:40-5:40), 1:15:00 total, PM: 4.5 miles easy

Thursday: AM: 6.5 miles easy + 6 strides

Friday: PM: 11 miles easy

Saturday: AM: 4.5 miles easy

Sunday: AM: 4.5 miles easy, + 2 Mile Progression on Track(splits by each lap): 82, 82, 80, 77, 76, 77, 75, 74, + 3.5 miles easy. 10 miles total.

Total: 69 Miles   

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