Sunday, October 14, 2012

10 Miles

Photo above: =PR= Store Owner Ray Pugsley(#879) in the 1998 Army 10 Miler, at age 29.  Ray finished second to Olympian Dan Browne(to his right) in 49:12.  Photo Credit: George Banker

I am looking foward to racing again next weekend.  10 Miles is an awesome distance.  I have really grown into it as it is a great mixture of speed and endurance.  I have never done Army before, but I am really looking foward to it.  I hope this race goes much better than the Philly Half(back in Sept). 
I had a good training week and on Tuesday did one of the best interval workouts I have ever done.  The mileage was less this week so I'd get into a taper for Army.  Pretty much after my workout on Tuesday I started tapering.  My long run of 18 miles seemed unbelievably short.  I felt like I could've run another 10. 


Monday: PM: 10 miles

Tuesday: PM: TRACK: 4800m: 15:04, 3200m: 9:54, 1600m: 4:51, 1600m: 4:50, 13 miles total

Wednesday: PM: 3 miles

Thursday: AM: 12 miles, PM: 4 miles

Friday: AM: 9 miles

Saturday: AM: 4 miles

Sunday: AM: 18 miles

Total: 73 miles    

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