Monday, October 1, 2012

9/24-9/30: 103 Miles/Week

Another solid week of training.  15 milers just don't seem very long to me anymore.  Even 20 is starting to feel shorter.  I had a great 20 Miler this Sunday, at duel ferries, splitting 59:00 for the first 10 and dipping to 58:00 the second lap.  I did this same loop the week before in 62:00, 59:00.  I love this run.  Half of it is on the flat C and O Towpath and the other half is on a rolling hills country road(pictured above).  While my long runs are getting quicker, my general aerobic runs are continuing to get faster.  I find I am able to settle into a nice rhythm after the first few minutes of most runs.  On Wednesday I did a 4 Mile Tempo run that was supposed to mimic 10 Mile race pace.  I ran even for the entire run, splitting 5:04, 5:03, 5;03, 5:04.  All other runs were just regular distance runs.  103 for the week.        

PM: 10 Miles 72:00(7:10 pace)

AM: 12.5 Miles 83:00(6:40 pace)

AM: 4 Mile Tempo: 20:14(Splits 5:04, 5:03, 5:03, 5:04), 8 Miles total
PM: 9 Miles 61:00(6:45 pace)

AM: 10 Miles 71:00(7:00 pace)
PM: 5.5 Miles 40:00(7:15 pace)

AM: 13 Miles 89:00(6:50 pace)

AM: 20 Miles 1:57:00(5:50 pace)

AM: 15 Miles 1:49:00(7:15 pace)

103 Miles

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