Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Work is Done

I am now 2 weeks away from the Philadelphia Marathon. There is nothing more I can do at this point to improve fitness. It is all about resting up and letting my body absorb all of the mileage and workouts I have done leading up to the race. 

The week started off soggy on Monday as I jogged 5 miles in a disgusting wet rain with the hurricane coming in.  Monday night, as the hurricane rolled through, thanks to Beth's treadmill, I got in a second run of 4.5.  Tuesday afternoon was another wet and gloomy 6.5 miles.  On Wednesday, I ran through the late afternoon after work on the Millenium Trail, finishing up a 10.5 mile run through Rockville's neighborhoods and seeing goblins and ghosts begin their trick or treating.  Thursday, the sun seemed to finally begin coming out, and I got in 8 at Great Falls.  On Friday it was even nicer and I had some time to drive out to White's Ferry and do a Ferries Loop in 68:00.  On Saturday, I booked one last hard run on the towpath at Pennyfield(for some reason I just love running hard here), which felt just slightly faster than marathon pace but something I probably could've sustained for about 30-35K if I had to.  After a 1 mile jog, I did 10.7 miles in 58:00, which ended up being 5:25 pace, running even the whole way.  I felt good and that I had hit my last workout on the nose.  On Sunday, I did an easy 17.5 at 7:00 pace.  Total ended up being 74 for the week.

I am now easing up completely and running purely by feel until the race.  I will be ready on 11/18.

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  1. Wet rain? I guess that's worse than dry rain? Or just redundant?