Monday, December 3, 2012


As I began to gain life in my legs again just before thanksgiving, I realized that I hadn't done pool running for quite some time.  I used to do it when I was injured a lot, but also did it in college as a supplemental workout to improve cardio without the pounding.  I like to run freestyle without a belt.  After just my first run in the water, I felt 50% better.  Since then I have been doing it twice a week, with my running slowly coming back.  Recovery is relative.  For me actually running a few easy miles 3 days after a marathon helps clear out the gunk.  All my runs have been slow right now, easy miles.  It has taken about 2 weeks for me to feel more "normal" again.      

Week 1
11/19: Rest
11/20: Rest
11:21: Pool Running 40 minutes
11/22: 3 mile run
11/23: Pool Running 50 minutes
11/24: 6 mile run
11/25: 10 mile run

Total: 19 miles, + 90 minutes pool running

Week 2
11/26: AM: Pool Running 50 minutes, PM: 5 mile run
11/27: 5 mile run
11/28: Pool Running 50 minutes
11/29: 6 mile run
11/30: 5 mile run
12/1: 10 mile run
12/2: 8 mile run

Total: 39 miles, + 100 minutes pool running

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