Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/7-1/13: 91 Miles/Week

Last week I missed 2 days because of an awful stomach virus.  I'm not sure if it was food poisoning or just remnants of the flu I had last month.  Either way, it sucked, and I lost weight in the process and got weakened.  Nevertheless, I still managed 66 miles in 5 days, and am certainly getting my mileage up again.  It has also taken me a little while to get my pace back, and I've been doing plenty of slow 7:30 pace runs.  However, this week I got back into 6:00-7:00 pace on more runs, and am feeling better and stronger again.  I also totaled 91 for the week, which I'm happy about-my highest mileage since this past fall.  On Saturday I did Jake Klim's 17.5 mile loop: starting at Sycamore Landing Road in Poolesville, heading North on the towpath to White's Ferry, and looping back to Edward's Ferry and back to Sycamore on the towpath.  It's a really nice loop all on soft surface.  I also got in some hill repeats this week which I think got things going again.  I have done a few track workouts(10x200m and 8x400m), but nothing that says I am ready to race yet.  Thus, I am not racing the MD Indoor Meet next weekend.  I am not ready to compete yet and I'd rather concentrate on the Shamrock Half in March as my 2013 opener.


Mon: AM: 8.5 miles easy/
PM: warm up, Hill Repeats: 5 x 90 second hill, cool down, total 6.5 miles

Tues: AM: Pool Run 45 minutes/
PM: 8 miles easy

Wed: AM: 5 miles easy/
PM: Track: warm up, 10 x 200m, cool down, 6 miles total

Thurs: AM: Med-Long Run 15 miles 1:44:00

Fri: PM: 11.5 miles easy

Sat: AM: Long Run 17.5 Miles 1:57:00

Sun: AM: 12 miles easy

TOTAL: 91 Miles

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