Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 21-27: 109 Miles

This week was lots of volume, pure endurance training.  All about getting time on my feet.  Totaled 109 miles, plus a pool running workout.  I am building a good base.  Training in the cold + lots of miles toughened me up this week.  Feels good to be running a lot again.  I am aiming for another 100 this week, with some faster paced runs.  I probably won't go much higher than 110 throughout this winter/spring.  It's just all about consistency and getting enough mileage while gradually working into more demanding workouts and then bringing the mileage down as I get towards racing season.  For now, I continue to toughen up my body and mind.

Monday: AM: 10 mile progression 68:00 (Edwards Ferry/Whites Ferry Loop)/
PM: 5.5 mile progression @ Pennyfield Lock

Tuesday: AM: 14.5 mile hilly run in Boyds

Wednesday: AM: Pool Running 45 minutes/
PM: 3.5 mile run, then fartlek intervals on track: 2x200m(39, 35) w/ 200 jog, 2x400m(73, 69) w/ 400 jog, 2x800m(2:32, 2:30) w/ 400 jog,  2x1200m(3:56, 3:48) w/ 400 jog, + 4.5 mile run, Total 13 miles

Thursday: AM: 17.5 miles (Sycamore to Whites Ferry Loop in snow)

Friday: AM: 8 miles on roads/
PM: 6 miles @ Riley's Lock in snow

Saturday: AM: 16 Mile progression 1:45:00 @ Riley's Lock in snow/
PM: 4.5 miles on roads

Sunday: AM: 14 Miles @ Capital Crescent Trail (Bethesda to Georgetown out-and-back)


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