Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/4-2/10: 88 Miles/Week

I lowered the mileage a little this week and it payed off.  I also got in a pool run.  I feel ready to go into the next few weeks of quality training.  The track-workout was solid, and it boosted my confidence of where my fitness is.  I am exactly where I need to be right now.  My workouts and long runs are getting faster each week.  My long run this weekend was probably one of the best feeling long runs I've ever had.  I started off quite slow-7:30 for the first few miles, but picked up the pace slightly each mile, gradually working down to 6:00's and by the end was running 5:20 miles.  It's a great feeling when you run a long run like that.  The body responds well to it.  The 2K repeats got into "familiar territory" of threshold work.  My interval workouts are improving the most rapidly now that I have gotten to more specific race pace workouts.  I am really happy that I did not race on the track in January.  I have not raced since November, and my body and mind needed that break-and it enables me to get in really great training!            

Monday: PM: 10 miles easy + strength training

Tuesday: AM: 10 miles easy

Wednesday: AM: Pool Running 45:00/
PM: Track Workout: 3.5 mile warm-up, 6 X 2K w/ 1 lap jog recoveries(3-4 min rests total),
2K splits: 6:23, 6:18, 6:17, 6:15, 6:16, 6:20, 1.5 mile cool-down

Thursday: AM: 12 miles easy

Friday: AM: 4 miles easy/PM: 6 miles easy

Saturday: AM: 20 miles(2:07:00) Progression Run: 1st 10 miles: 70:00, 2nd 10 miles: 57:00

Sunday: AM: 13 miles easy + strength training

TOTAL: 88 Miles

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