Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Importance of Aerobic Support Training(Hudson)

The purpose of this past week in training was to develop and strengthen my aerobic system as best as I could.  I put a large emphasis on progression runs this week.  The work I did this week as Brad Hudson calls it, is "Aerobic Support" training.  It almost looks as if I am training for a marathon, especially when you look at the way I ran my 20 mile long run this past Saturday.  But these progression runs are simply "support" for half marathon training.  "Aerobic Support" can vary based on the event one is training for.  For a high level half marathoner, doing a progressive 20 mile run close to marathon pace or slightly faster is going to give that runner a stronger system to use to its fullest.  For a 10K runner, doing some half marathon pace workouts or even LT work will be support training for them.  This is also why I like to work down in distance at times when planning racing schedules.  Although I believe one can adapt one's training accordingly for different racing schedules, I find it nice during the spring season to go from 13.1 down to 10 and then down to 10k/5k if it can work out that way, because the primary race pace workouts used for the previous race becomes redefined as the aerobic support training for the next.  So for example, my specific 10 mile-13.1 mile race pace track interval workouts serve as a support system as I translate down to the 5k/10k in April/May.

I believe, that when I go back to the marathon, I will focus A LOT on aerobic support.  Elites like Ryan Hall who "run" the distance of 26 miles in training really strengthens the system to its maximum.  There are also the Japanese who do over-distance long runs of 30 miles or more.  I think running the distance or even slightly farther is ideal for a top marathoner.  Obviously this is something that can risk injury, however.  But I think avoiding injury is all about progressing slowly and consistently, rather than getting impatient and forcing anything.  Patience is a virtue when it comes to avoiding injuries.  I have met too many runners who have not allowed the system to naturally progress.  This is why the college system gets so many athletes injured, because kids are jumping from 50 miles to 80 miles a week.  OR they are jumping too high in intensity, or a combination of both.  Usually it is a combination of intensity + mileage=injury.  It is why I used to get injured in college.

This coming week I will go more into the primary intervals again, and build off from the 6 x 2K workout I did a few weeks ago.  I believe it is important to balance both aerobic support and track intervals delicately.  I think too many runners get caught up in trying to do everything at once and not focus on accomplishing one thing before moving on to the next.  This is also how one can become over-trained/injured.  The reason is that aerobic support training allows one to step up the demand of their interval sessions.  So alternating from week to week, as I am experiencing now, is allowing me to adapt to completing more demanding interval workouts.

The progression run I did on Sunday was probably one of the best I have ever done.  I did it out on the "Duel Ferries" course and progressed in pace very steadily, and by the end I was flying.  My first 10 miles was a casual 64:00, but I very quickly dropped the pace to 56:00 for the second loop, finishing in 27 minutes for the last 5 miles.

Training Week 2/18-2/24:

Monday: 10 mile Progression Run: 61:30.  5 mile splits: 33:00, 28:30

Tuesday: 13 miles easy + strength training

Wednesday: PM: 12 mile run w/ 2x400m fartleks: 75, 73, 
then 4x1200m fartleks: 3:50, 3:42, 3:40, 3:40

Thursday: PM: 8 miles easy

Friday: AM: 9 miles easy

Saturday: 20 Mile Progression Run: 2:00:00.  5 Mile splits: 34:30, 29:30, 28:45, 27:15

Sunday: AM: 10 miles easy/
PM: 45 min pool running

TOTAL: 82 Miles


  1. Loved all the rationale included in this post. Very cool to read your thoughts on the process.

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