Saturday, May 25, 2013

May Training

This year began with high mileage(90-100/week) and has moved down gradually to lower mileage(averaging 50/week).  The reason being relative to getting my body to hit every system I am trying to work on.  The workouts have gradually changed from marathon pace, down to threshold, down to interval training, to even somewhat sprint training, while the mileage simultaneously has decreased.  By training this way, I create the desire and physical readiness for high miles again.  The recent weeks work on stimulating the body for shorter faster sessions, while the body is also recovering from higher miles.  In fact, I am already starting to yearn for higher volume now.

It was a difficult decision, but I decided against competing in the USA Half Marathon Championships again this year.  I have lowered my mileage too much to be able to do well in it, and for better reason because I am putting money in the bank for the fall right now.  This summer I am going to train very, very hard, with lots of high volume and lots of doubles.  It will be the hardest I have ever trained in my life.  But the important thing is that I know I am ready for it.  The time is now.

That aside, I have one more race to conclude my spring.  I will race the Loudoun Street Mile in Winchester, VA this Memorial Day.  I have never raced a road mile so I am looking forward to it!  This race is quite competitive(4:03 won last year), so it will give me a chance to hopefully run pretty fast.  I am not a miler, but I certainly think it is good for me to work on this distance, in certain dosage.  My speed training has definitely been solid these past few weeks.  I feel pretty fast(especially after doing 14 second 100 meter repeats this week).  Yes they aren't Usain Boltish, but the point of doing them was not to see how fast I could go, but to maintain that speed/effort and repeat several times.  So, by having a recovery of only about 45 seconds between each allowed me to gradually get tired, and rely on using my aerobic system.  In contrast, a true sprinter will go faster but with much longer (full)recovery.

Below is the past 3 weeks of training:

5/6: Rest
5/7: Rest/Strength Training
5/8: 9 miles progression run
5/9: 600m(1:45), 400m:(67), 4x200m:(30, 29, 29, 28), 4.5 miles total
5/10: 5 miles
5/11: 8.5 miles
5/12: 4.5 miles w/ strides
5/13: Swarthmore 5K: 14:53, 8 miles total w/ warm up and cool down
5/14: 3 miles
5/15: 9 miles
5/16: Rest/Strength Training
5/17: 4 miles, then 8 x 45 second hill w/ jogs downhill, 10 miles total
5/18: 9 miles
5/19: Rest
5/20: 14.5 mile Long Run(Edward's Ferry/Club Hollow Loop)
5/21: 11.5 miles
5/22: 9 miles
5/23: 8x100m: all 14 seconds each, 2x200m: 30, 29, 1x400m: 62, 5 miles total
5/24: 4 miles
5/25: 9 miles

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