Sunday, May 5, 2013

Training 4/29-5/5

I did very low mileage this week.  I even took 2 days off.  But it works.  I feel my legs getting strong and fresh.  I did the best 800m repeats I have ever done.  I have never run this fast.

Monday: 4 Miles

Tuesday: Rest/Strength Training

Wednesday: 3 mile warm-up, 
6 X 800m w/ 2:30-3:00 rests: 2:20, 2:19, 2:17, 2:17, 2:19, 2:18
4 mile cool-down

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 9 Mile Progression Run: 56:00

Saturday: 14 Miles at Difficult Run trails, VA

Sunday: 10 Miles easy

Total: 47 Miles

Based on workouts, I feel like 70 second quarters is a good 5K goal pace-that would give me 14:35.  Even though this would be a 23 second PR, somehow I feel this is doable.  I am going to do another "sharpening up" workout this week.  I'm thinking a short reverse ladder like 1600m, 800m, 400m, at quality pace(s).  I'm ready to roll.  

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