Monday, June 24, 2013

6/17-6/23: 98 Miles/Week

I ran 98 miles this week.  My mileage has crept back up there.  On Monday afternoon, I met the Red Fox aka Jake out on the trails of Lake Frank.  I had an eerie feeling Fox had something up his sleeve, as you can tell by reading his blog post here:  Nevertheless, he stood down.  We got in 10 for the day.  The next morning I headed out on the towpath towards the Chain Bridge and took that over to VA to explore a few trails along the river, which were quite serene.  I got in 11.5.  Wednesday was a double: 8 miles in the morning, followed by another 11 miler in the evening along the Millennium Trail.  Thursday morning I met up again with Jake, Jerry Greenlaw, and Joe Wiegner at Riley's Lock and got in 13 miles on the towpath and some back roads.  Interestingly enough, as Jake pointed out, we had all finished Pikes Peek 10K this year in under 31 minutes:

Wiegner: 30:31
Sloane: 30:43
Greenlaw: 30:48
Klim: 30:52

Friday was another double: 6 miles in the morning, 5 miles in the evening.  The heat of the summer is here, so I have been trying to get up earlier.  On Saturday, I started my long run around 6:45 AM on the towpath and  ventured into DC/VA on Mount Vernon/Rock Creek trails for a while before heading back.  I got in about 19.5 in 2 hours 8 minutes.  Sunday was a double again: 9 miles in the morning(finished JUST before the rain came down), and 4 in the evening.

This week I plan to get back into doing workouts again, while keeping the mileage high.  I haven't done any type of speed work in a month, since that road mile I ran on May 27.

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