Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fall 2013

Philly 9.15.13
DC 10.20.13
Richmond 11.16.13

Aside from a few regular summer races I do, I thought long and hard about my fall season.  It was difficult to decide NOT to do a marathon this year, since it is a distance I love to train for over the summer and into the fall.  I ran a PR last fall, although it certainly isn't quite up to par with my other performances.  I believe it will catch up to the others as I age, since it actually caters to that, but right now I have a greater interest in the half marathon distance.  It also just feels right.

I've run 1:08 for the half marathon twice in the past year and a half.  I'd like to surpass that barrier now.  It's going to take a lot of work, and I am going to have to train very, very hard this summer.  My ultimate sight is on the 1:05 qualifying time for the 2016 Olympic Trials.  The qualification window for doing so opens this August 2013, and ends sometime before the 2016 Trials.  This is a long term process that I've been thinking about even before the 2012 Trials.  I knew I wouldn't qualify for 2012, however, and wasn't expecting to, because I was not ready to do so.  My goals at the time were to run perhaps under 1:10, which I happily did in 2011.  The following spring, I qualified for and competed in the USA Half Marathon Championships, a race which I was not happy about performance wise, but proud to be a part of.  But I've learned to look at the bigger picture.

I believe I am now beginning to enter my prime as a runner.  I turn 30 this month, and while I am not a kid anymore, I am lighter, stronger, faster, and smarter than I have ever been.  I have learned how to train for different races, and to coach others.  I have learned how to deal with bad races and move on.  I have learned what I am capable of.  I am ready.  I will go all out, with nothing held back.  The time to do it is now.

This fall I decided I would do 3 major races stretched out over a 2 month window.

9.15.13: Philly Rock and Roll Half Marathon

10.20.13: Army Ten Miler

11.16.13: Richmond Half Marathon

Originally, I was thinking of doing Philly(11/17) instead of Richmond, but I like the way Richmond's course is layed out and looks quite fast.  Plus, it's nice to do races in 3 different cities.

Over the summer, I will do a few short races to keep from getting stale.  I'd also like to see if I can go sub 4:20 in the mile.  The Rockville Twilight 8k I placed 6th last year, and I'd really like to crack top 5 or even win the damn thing...

7.12.13: MCRRC MidSummer Night's Mile

7.20.13: Rockville Twilight 8K 

I may add additional races, but for now, the important ones are noted.

Mileage was 81 this week.  The base continues to build..


  1. Hey sweetie! I agree, you are in the prime of your life :) Give em hell!

  2. My two cents: If you want to run almost 4 minutes quicker for 13.1 miles than your current PR, I would recommend training exclusively for the 5k and 10k and forgo the marathon. Speed is your weakness, not endurance. You only have 3 years and during that time you'll need to bring your 5k time down significantly (low 14s) and your 10k will have to drop as well - low 29s, certainly south of 29:30. Check out the 5k and 10k PRs of those who have run 1:05 for reference.