Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 18: 10 x 1200m

Yesterday I did a really good Threshold workout. The goal was to get as little rest as possible between each interval to build strength but also make sure not to run too fast. I slightly worked the pace down but other than the first and last intervals all of the intervals were pretty much within a second of eachother with very little variation. The laps were evenly paced as well.

The workout was 10 X 1200m w/ 200m jog recoveries, all on the track. Beforehand, I did a 20 min warm-up, some stretching, and then a 1 kilometer pace build up at just under 5:20 pace to get the legs going. I then did the following workout:

1200m splits (+200m jog recovery times):

3:48, (1:20 jog)
3:47, (1:20 jog)
3:45, (1:20 jog)
3:45, (1:30 jog)
3:45, (1:25 jog)
3:44, (1:05 jog)
3:44, (1:35 jog)
3:44, (1:40 jog)
3:44, (1:30 jog)

I averaged 3:44-3:45, or 4:59-5:00 pace per mile. Total time was 50:00. I felt like this was a really good 10 mile race simulator.  I am pleased with how well I am responding to the limited rest I have put in my workouts lately.  I started doing this more in August, and since them it has really gotten me fit.  These types of workouts I believe have yet to show in my races.

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