Monday, December 16, 2013

December 9-15: 100 Miles/Week

The last 4 weeks I have gone 96, 86, 106, 100.  When running this much, I try to get as close to 50% of the week's mileage on soft surfaces.  The more you run, the more important this becomes.  In addition, plenty of stretching, foam rolling, and strength training must be kept up.  I need to get in the pool at some point again though to get in a solid cross training session.  It was cold on Wednesday, but not nearly as cold as Thursday, which was a good thing I didn't wait until Thursday to do the track workout.  In the meantime, I am finalizing bits and pieces of my 2014 schedule, and am focused on the half marathon championship in 5 weeks.

Monday: PM: 10.5 miles(Riley's Lock/Seneca Road Loop)

Tuesday: AM: 13.5 miles(Sycamore Landing/Poolesville roads),
+ Strength Training

Wednesday: AM: 7 miles
PM: Track: Ladder Workout w/ 200m jog recoveries(1:15-1:30)
:200(35), 400(71), 600(1:46), 800(2:25), 1000(3:03), 1200(3:38),
1000(3:00), 800(2:20), 600(1:44), 400(68), 200(34),
9.5 miles total w/ warm-up + drills and cool-down
Really happy with how I ran this workout. 
Negative splitting is what I have been working on.

Thursday: AM: 3.5 miles shakeout run
PM: 5 miles easy

Friday: AM: 13 miles(on towpath Pennyfield Lock to Great Falls)

Saturday: AM: 20.2 Miles(Capital Crescent/Rock Creek Park Loop)
w/ Chris Mills in 2:16.  We started at Fletcher's Boat House circa 6:45 AM and headed towards Georgetown, picking up Rock Creek trail from there.  We started easy but picked up the pace the second half of the run.  We sped up and hammered a bit the few last miles down the CCT.  It felt nice going downhill toward the end of this run.   

Sunday: AM: 11 miles @ DC/MD line and Rock Creek Park Trails
PM: 6.5 miles @ Seneca Creek Park Trails.

Total: 100 Miles

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