Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Past and the Present

"Follow me," I yelled back to the boys running.  I was in the middle of doing 1 mile repeats while the Quince Orchard Track Boys Team was doing 1/4 mile repeats.  The top boys were running close to my pace, so at times I was either chasing them down or running with them for at least part of my intervals.  Besides coaches Seann and Steve, I don't know anyone on my former high school's squad.  As I hammered repeat 4:50 miles, I overheard some of the runners saying "Who is that guy?"  It felt strange to me to hear that, and I suddenly felt nostalgic as 13 years ago I was a senior who knew everyone on that track, and everyone knew me.  I am a different runner now.  A much better runner.  My body has become sculpted and chiseled by thousands of miles underneath my feet.  My fitness is at a greater understanding.  I can now run countless repeat miles faster than I could ever run one.  As I got my trainers back on and out of my flats, I glanced at the top boys on the team, and said good job to them.  One glanced back at me, nodded, and looked me in the eye, and for one moment I saw myself staring right back at me, the young 14 year old boy who had yet to discover how strong of a runner he was to become.  The Trial of Miles, Miles of Trials, as John L. Parker says.


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