Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/21-7/27: 108 Miles/Week

This was my first serious week of the marathon training period.  I've begun doubling nearly every day(the target is 7 days a week).  It's not easy, but I'm getting into that rhythm and getting used to it.  Monday I was just plain tired, but after that I felt good.  I feel my fitness progressing now as my long runs will get faster.  This coming weekend I have a 24 mile long run.  I also will be running the marathon distance in training during this cycle, something I have not done in the past.  My total mileage per week during this training will be 110-120, no higher.  I feel good, and strong.

Monday 7/21: 6 miles + Strength Training

Tuesday 7/22: Track: Drills + 1200m(3:50), 1600m(5:07), 2000m(6:25) w/ 1 lap jog recoveries
+ 6 miles

Wednesday 7/23: AM: 12 miles + PM: 5 miles

Thursday 7/24: AM: 17 miles + PM: 5 miles

Friday 7/25: AM:  7 miles + Strength Training + PM: 6 miles

Saturday 7/26: AM: 16 miles 1:32:00 (5:45 pace) + PM: 5 miles

Sunday 7/27: AM: 12 miles + PM: 5 miles

Total: 108 miles

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Time To Get Serious

"There's this pain, this aching, and going on and on and on. That's what divides a champion from a non-champion - having the guts to go through the pain barrier."
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

I do like certain quotes Arnold makes from the movie, "Pumping Iron."  While I know NOTHING about bodybuilding, I respect the amount of training that goes into it and going through the "pain barriers" Arnold talks about.  There are always new barriers to be broken down.  The current barrier that stands in my way is the marathon.  In order to break this barrier, I have to commit myself fully to it.  I did this back in 2005, when I ran my debut in 2:38:48 and actually committed my training to the race.  But also back then my 5K, 10K, and half marathon times were way slower, light years practically from where they stand now.  I knew in order to improve I had to work on getting those distances faster.  Heck, my 5K race pace back then was not even my half marathon pace NOW.  9 years later, I still look at my debut marathon race as  one of the key most important things I learned about myself as a runner.  It told me that I was a grinder-I could take mile after mile, obsessively pushing through barrier after pain barrier.  And I LOVED it.  But I also really needed to work hard on those other barriers of getting my other distance times better-especially with a lackluster college racing career(that I believe was underdeveloped) behind me.  Now, after doing a lot of hard work on those shorter distances, and with many breakthroughs in my half marathon time, I am ready to attack the marathon full force as the great marathon runner I know I am inside.  I have what it takes to break down the next barrier.  I just must commit to it.  The first step in that process is a good plan.  Roland is helping me to fill that process and making decisions like NOT doing the Rockville Twilighter 8K was one of them.  When I asked him about doing the twilighter, in his own words, he said to me, "It's time to get serious about the marathon, Chris."  Many people were surprised I didn't run the race because I always run that race.   In fact, minus last year's cancellation, this was the first year since 2007 I have not done the twilighter.  I jogged easy during to watch the race and cheer on some runners I coach.  The timing of races during a marathon training cycle are critical, as well as not sacrificing training in order to do a race distance that doesn't relate to marathon training at all.  It took me a long time to understand this, and I think the difference now is that I am just ready to make that commitment.  Below are my past 2 weeks training.

7/7-7/13: 94 miles
7/14-7/20: 105 miles

Mon 7/7: Med-Long Run 15 miles 1:40:00
(Club Hollow Loop starting from Edward's Ferry, last 6 miles hilly)

Tues 7/8: 6 miles easy + Strength Training

Wed 7/9 AM: 4 miles easy,
PM: 10 miles total: warm up run, drills, then 5:00 @ 5:20 pace, 5:00 easy run, 5:00 @ 5:18 pace, 5:00 easy run, 5:00 @ 5:15 pace, cool down

Thurs 7/10 8 miles easy + Strength Training

Fri 7/11 AM: 4 miles easy,
PM: 10 miles easy

Sat 7/12: Long Run 20 miles 2:16:00(Edwards Ferry/Whites Ferry Double Loop)

Sun 7/13: AM: 12.5 miles easy
PM: 4 miles easy

Total: 94 miles

Mon 7/14: 8.5 miles easy + Strength Training

Tues 7/15: AM: Med-Long Run 18 miles 2:06:00,
PM: 4 miles

Wed 7/16: 10 miles total: warm up run, drills, then 5:00 @ 5:20 pace, 5:00 easy run, 5:00 @ 5:18 pace, 5:00 easy run, 5:00 @ 5:15 pace, 5:00 easy run, 5:00 @ 5:10 pace, cool down

Thurs 7/17: Med-Long Run 15 miles 1:48:00

Fri 7/18: 11 miles easy + Strength Training

Sat 7/19: AM: 12 miles easy,
PM: 4.5 miles easy

Sun 7/20: Long Run 22 miles 2:25:00(Carderock to Georgetown/DC/VA and back)

Total: 105 miles

Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Training 6/23-7/6


M: 9 miles
T: Med-Long Run 15 miles + Strength Training
W: double: 4 miles / 5 miles
T: double: 12 miles / 6 miles
F: 6.5 miles
S: Long Run 20 miles
S: 12 miles + Strength Training

Total: 90 miles


M: Med-Long Run 15 miles
T: double: 3 miles / 5 miles
W: double: 5 miles / drills + 6 miles w/ 2 x 5:00 fartleks @ 5:20 pace
T: double: Med-Long Run 17.5 miles / 5 miles
F: 8 miles + Strength Training
S: Long Run 20 miles
S: double: 12 miles / 3 miles

Total: 100 miles

I feel very good about where I'm at heading into heavy training for the Chicago Marathon.  Roland and I agree that doing the Twilighter 8K is NOT a good idea, and that I just need to train for now.  I am going to be getting in 2 more 100+ mile weeks, before the training will start to get really serious and the Twilighter would just be in the way of that.  I am sad I won't be competing on my home turf, but I must put priority on training for the marathon now.  Roland is doing a great job of helping steer me in the right direction with this, which is where I've always needed some guidance on prioritizing the marathon.  At the same time, the other reason is that there will be a few tune up races leading up to the marathon that will be the right timing as I reach peak fitness during the fall.