Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/21-7/27: 108 Miles/Week

This was my first serious week of the marathon training period.  I've begun doubling nearly every day(the target is 7 days a week).  It's not easy, but I'm getting into that rhythm and getting used to it.  Monday I was just plain tired, but after that I felt good.  I feel my fitness progressing now as my long runs will get faster.  This coming weekend I have a 24 mile long run.  I also will be running the marathon distance in training during this cycle, something I have not done in the past.  My total mileage per week during this training will be 110-120, no higher.  I feel good, and strong.

Monday 7/21: 6 miles + Strength Training

Tuesday 7/22: Track: Drills + 1200m(3:50), 1600m(5:07), 2000m(6:25) w/ 1 lap jog recoveries
+ 6 miles

Wednesday 7/23: AM: 12 miles + PM: 5 miles

Thursday 7/24: AM: 17 miles + PM: 5 miles

Friday 7/25: AM:  7 miles + Strength Training + PM: 6 miles

Saturday 7/26: AM: 16 miles 1:32:00 (5:45 pace) + PM: 5 miles

Sunday 7/27: AM: 12 miles + PM: 5 miles

Total: 108 miles

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  1. Nice week. Those doubles will start to feel normal after a while. You'll look forward to them... maybe!