Monday, July 7, 2014

Marathon Training 6/23-7/6


M: 9 miles
T: Med-Long Run 15 miles + Strength Training
W: double: 4 miles / 5 miles
T: double: 12 miles / 6 miles
F: 6.5 miles
S: Long Run 20 miles
S: 12 miles + Strength Training

Total: 90 miles


M: Med-Long Run 15 miles
T: double: 3 miles / 5 miles
W: double: 5 miles / drills + 6 miles w/ 2 x 5:00 fartleks @ 5:20 pace
T: double: Med-Long Run 17.5 miles / 5 miles
F: 8 miles + Strength Training
S: Long Run 20 miles
S: double: 12 miles / 3 miles

Total: 100 miles

I feel very good about where I'm at heading into heavy training for the Chicago Marathon.  Roland and I agree that doing the Twilighter 8K is NOT a good idea, and that I just need to train for now.  I am going to be getting in 2 more 100+ mile weeks, before the training will start to get really serious and the Twilighter would just be in the way of that.  I am sad I won't be competing on my home turf, but I must put priority on training for the marathon now.  Roland is doing a great job of helping steer me in the right direction with this, which is where I've always needed some guidance on prioritizing the marathon.  At the same time, the other reason is that there will be a few tune up races leading up to the marathon that will be the right timing as I reach peak fitness during the fall.

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