Monday, August 4, 2014

Pouring in the Work: 7/28-8/3: 112 Miles/Week

Got a double in 6 out of 7 days this week.  I was supposed to get another one in Saturday after my 24, but I was extremely tired and just ran a bit longer the next Sunday morning instead.  My mileage was right on for what Roland and I are shooting for, as well as the workout times on the track.  The track stuff isn't a big part of it, from what I at least feel anyways-the amount of work isn't a lot but this enables me to maximize my concentration on the long runs as well as getting in higher volume.  This week I will be continuing the doubles and aim for a fast 18 mile long run(towards marathon pace).  I am starting to feel the positive effects of the training-my paces are progressing.  And while it isn't the hottest summer, it still isn't cool and quite humid.  When Conrad(who is also doing Chicago) and I ran 24 on Saturday we were amazed how 6:20 pace felt quite easy.  As I build up this cycle, the distance of 26 miles I will run.  I see myself doing that long run close to 6:00-6:10 pace, which would really tell me a lot about my potential at Chicago.  In addition, the fast, hard runs like the upcoming 18 this weekend will be the real workouts that get me race fit.  I am now pouring in more and more strength and fitness at the rate of the above waterfall.

7/28: AM: 10 miles
PM: 4 miles

7/29: AM: 4 miles
PM: 9 miles

7/30: AM: Track: warm up + Drills + 800m: 2:27, 1200m: 3:41, 1600m: 4:56, 1200m: 3:41, all w/ 1 lap jog recoveries, + cool down, 8 miles total
PM: 6 miles

7:31: AM: 16 miles
PM: 5 miles

8/01: AM: 5.5 miles
PM: 4.5 miles

8/02: AM: 24 miles @ 6:20 pace (2:32:00) + 5 min jog (24.5 total)

8/03: AM: 11.5 miles
PM: 3.5 miles

Total: 112 Miles

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